There is nothing better in the whole universe than receiving a handmade present. The only thing I can think of that is slightly better, is making one yourself! It's no lie. I love giving presents. Had I a bank account full of  jewels I would be giving out tons more. But being a freelance creative makes present giving a tough job. Instead I have been making cards. DIY occasion cards are nearly as good as handmade gifts. Expect that they are flat. So don't think your young nephew will love one for his birthday. He absolutely wont. But your friends will! And of course your mum and dad. No matter what you make them they'll love it! It's great.


It has been 6 weeks since I left Melbourne and I am really starting to miss creating and installing awesome windows! As I were sorting through my pictures I realized I hadn't even made a post about the last (front) window I did at Dakota 501 which was a colab between Levi's and I. But here it is! 2 months delayed! I have to say, though, that I am missing my bird watching, overall wearing lady more than any window in the world.



FINALLY, Melbourne have cooled down. After months of +30 I was starting to go a bit crazy. I totally understand what "troppo" means after this Australian Summer.. I can't wait to go back to Denmark to be a proper polar bear again! With winter comes frosty winds and cold ears. Which means it is time to sell some beanies! Here's a super easy COAL headwear installation using flat layering that I did some weeks ago. I went for a classic blue-white-red combo for a retro swiss ski look. How have you displayed beanies this year?