New Work

A new series of paper collages in the making. I am in love with the combination of the colours and shapes in these one.  "Come spot the 8-eyed wildlife, swim in beautifu,l toxic rivers and see the three Suns set behind the colorful Radioactive Hills. The perfect modern family holiday. Lets you enjoy the filth of the city outside the city. Radioactive Park. When Nature and Human become one." I can just imaging the travel add! And I would fall for it and travel to there straight away!

Banana Bisnis / Product Update

Bananas are back in bisnis. And since I'm a failed Tech Wiz Academy student who can't figure out how to switch on a online shop, I have updated my Artrebels shop with all new products, shipping everywhere in this wonderful world.
Follow this link and you be like SOMEONE HAND ME MY CREDIT CARD NOOOOOOW!

Picture Probs

Sometimes instead of doing laundry (I lie. It should've said every time) I move stuff around and take pictures and sit on photoshop for hours because I am still learning the tricks of picture manipulations. I feel like I am getting better but I stare myself blind sometimes. Like my biggest photoshop Q is: white. How white is too white?! How does exposure and taking the black out of white effect a picture? I can't seem to figure it out.
BIG questions and BIG topics for a Monday.. Now excuse me. I hear the washing machine calling my name and luckily in laundry land nothing is ever too white!

Winter Wonder Volvo

Usually don't share real life pictures, but these ones are so cute because it finally snowed and my biggest dream for a long time has been to get a snowy portrait of me and my car! It's a pretty weird dream, I know. But my car is so special to me. His name is Turbo Bromann and he is a 1997 Volvo 940 Turbo. And if you are great at math, unlike me, next year he turns 20! And he has been in my family the whole time. Special buddy, mechanical brother and all time favorite snowmobile.

Dogs and Volvos are best friends too! This is Leif (yup, he shares name with my studio).

Leif and his mum, my friend Susanne. Snow snow snow

Leif and his mum, my friend Susanne. Snow snow snow