Crispy tempura snapper with purple carrots

How great is Summer cooking!? I mean, I am all about winter cooking! I love making stews and comfy food that you can eat in front of the fireplace while watching Willow and snuggling up under a blanket. I am all about that. But cooking while daylight savings is over us and being able to sit outside till the sun goes down after 10pm is just amazing. Here in Melbourne we have insanely hot Summer nights and they are perfect for a laid back cooking session. My favorite is fish. Anytime. Anywhere. I don't even care how it is served. I'll eat it. But it wasn't till I moved to Australia that I got my eyes up for Tempura battered fish. Oh my. It is so easy and less unhealthy than you first think. And it tastes incredible! Get a couple of fillets of your favorite white fish. I used snapper as it has thick fillets that don't fry dry. Cut the fillets into smaller fillets and dip them in your tempura mix. I also dipped my fillets in a crispy bread crumb to give them more texture. Before you put them in the veg oil make sure it is hot enough. If it's not hot enough the fish soakes up the oil and gets really fatty. If the oil is the right temperature it is only the tempura batter that fries. And your fish is left nice and soft on the inside. I served mine with steamed purple carrots and a fresh salad. Happy Summer!