Hello there!

Hi there! So I finally got around to building a blog! Hurray! That took me, lets see.. 2 years! Times fly when you get caught up in the studio I guess.. My old blog on Tumblr will still be up and I will continue to share posts from here to there, but one day I will probably disconnect it and this site will become my main man. Yes, I am totally ready to put a ring on it! So now is the time to add this site to your reader! I will repost most of my older projects here on Leif Oh Leif but there will be so much new and exciting stuff too. As you can see I have categorized my photos under different pages - One for Home Leif (interior), one for Work Leif (my visual merchandising jobs and prop building), one for Krea Life (all my creative DIY projects) and Sweet Leif which is all foody stuff with recipes.

So yes. I am excited about this blog and can't wait to hear what you think!

xo Camilla

Oh yes, I forgot to explain. In Danish "Leif" is a very geeky, 80s male name. When I was a kid I was sure that was who Des'ree was singing about. I kept thinking this right up until I was a teenager and English songs started to make sense to me. And I got disapointed. So my blog and business name Leif Oh Leif is not just dedicated to Leif (because I don't personally know anyone named Leif but I am sure he is a cool dude). It is a way to describe my creativity and not to worry too much about why you sometimes don't make sense to anyone else but yourself. As long as you live your life the way it makes sense to you, life will continue to be good.

Leif oooh Leif oh Leeeeiiiif oh Leif duh duh duh duuuh.