Rust is such a natural effect and gets more and more beautiful for every day (except when it's on your car). But nature takes a loooong time to get there. I had to develop rusty props in less than a week for Deus Ex Machina. So I had to cut the middle man out (sorry nature) and go to the local hard ware shop to get myself so rust effect paint. There are many ways to create a "rusty" look but this one has been the most effective with the best result. I used Dulux Effect Paints. It is a combination paint persisting of two different coats. The first one is a clear paint with metal particles in it. The second one is an acid based rust solution that literally makes the iron particles in the paint rust. Simple as that. I made tons of these "gears" out of cardboard and made them rusty in only 3 days. How great would it be to use this effect on an Barn themed window with a rusty metal shed and an old windmill. Have you used rust effect paint in a project before? I would love to see what you did.