I never bleach stuff. Because 1: It is bad for nature. 2: I don't own plain white clothes. So there has never really been a time where I have used bleach. Till yesterday that is. And I can already say that I might use it again! I made my boring black tee turn super fantastic in just half an hour. Wanna know how? I'll tell you. You'll need: A coloured piece of garment that you think is boring. Bleach. A brush. Some thick cardboard and a drop sheet. You might want to use a rubber glove too.

You put the thick cardboard inside your garment (for bleach not to soak through to the other side) and dip your brush in the bleach. I used a mix between a brush-flick technique and painting little dots onto the fabric. When your are done with one side you just turn the garment around and repeat. Try to finish the project within 30 minutes or otherwise the bleach might harm the fabric. Wash straight after and dry. I can't believe I never used this trick before.. What have you done with bleach?