DANISH SHOVE TIME BUNS (fastelavnsboller)

Like the US have Halloween in November, Scandinavia celebrates something similar in February. It is called "Fastelavn" and is a very old tradition celebrating even older traditions. To make it easier to explain the traditions have been modified and is now just a fun day for kids who get to dress up and walk from door to door and sing festive songs for candy. They also get to bash a wooden barrel full of candy till it breaks and who ever cracks it first becomes the "Cat King"! -Sounds pretty awesome yes!? -The story behind is not so awesome though! Back in the days when they were burning witches on the fire  for Friday fun they also used to put black cats into wine barrels and hit the "evil" out of them! And I guess when they had completed the mission they all sat down to celebrate their accomplishment with these traditional and yummy buns (sounds weird? Welcome to the North!). But the buns are amazing and you should try them! No cats involved!


Buns: Mix 350ml heated milk with 2 TS dry yest. Crumble 80g of butter into 550g of flour. Mix 3 TS of sugar  and a pinch of salt into the flour and add the heated milk. Stir the mix together until it goes stretchy and firm. Make 12 buns out of the dough and place them on an baking paper lined oven tray. Make the buns into little "nests* and let them rest for about 30 min.

In a separate pot mix together 100ml cream, 100ml milk, a small handfull of crumbled almond marzipan,1 vanilla pod, 1 TS cane sugar and 3 egg yolks. Heat the mixture up slowly. It will start to boil up and go thick. Kinda like custard. If the trick doesn't work you can always use a bit of cornflour. If the custard is a bit lumpy, it's not you, it's the marzipan!

Fill the nests with the hot custard and paint the edges of the buns with an egg mix so they'll go golden. Bake on 225 degrees celsius for about 14-15 minutes. You can eat them hot, but I prefer to cool them down and decorate them with chocolate icing!

Happy "Fastelavn"! xo Camilla