It might look slightly difficult, but these marquee signs are pretty straight forward to make. You just have to have a drill. Other than that the rest of the materials used are inexpensive. I made 2 signs (big one not shown in this post), but i'll just tell you what I used for the small one to make it less complicated. For this sign I used 2x 5mm 1300mmX500mm (front and back) pine board and an in between frame (you just want that to be at least 4cm thick). I put together the frame and attached the front board. I made a template to scale in illustrator and used ScriptMT as the font. I don't have a big printer so I got it printed at Officeworks. It cost $2.

Then you'll need to cut out the template and trace around it onto the front board. If it slips a bit just use some bluetack. When it is all traced down, mark down where you want your holes for the fairy lights. For a sign this size I nearly used 300 lights. When you have them marked down drill the holes. I found it easier to stick down the lights when the hole were just a tiny bit smaller than the lights so they kind of "clicks" in. But you don't want to put pressure on. The little globes are super fragile.

When the holes are drilled give it a light sand. Then start colouring inn. I used a none shine water based black, but you can pretty much just use whatever you have lying around. Once the paint is dry you can start putting the lights through the little holes. Even though they fit into the holes I still had to tape each light down individually. I used gaffa tape. Indoor lights aren't suppose to heat up but double check before you install them. I had mine one for a couple of hours and they didn't heat up the slightest bit. So gaffa tape was safe for me to use. Check with your lights to be safe.

When the lights are all taped down and you have double checked A MILLION TIMES that all holes have a light in it (I made this mistake 3 times and I nearly lost my mind!!!), then you are all ready to attach the back board. I made a little whole in the upper left corner for the cord to go through. And voila! One awesome, inexpensive marquee sign that can brighten up any room! The smaller size was used as an in store Vintage section sign at Dakota 501. The bigger sign I used in a window installation. Now I really want to make one for my home! I was thinking about just doing one big letter.. I would love to know how yours turn out and what you will use it for! This one is also a great idea and not to forget this one

Have fun! xo Camilla