Do you know the feeling? Over and over you keep seeing a repost of a specific recipe on the blogs you follow. To begin with you are all like "pffff shaniquah, I know where you've got that from gurl" and "uuh, how original..." (with a posh British accent) untill you all off a sudden get so intrigued and fascinated by this phenomenon of the reoccurring internet recipe that you forget about past feelings and find yourself whipping up the batter in your own kitchen. And you don't stop there. No no. You style it and take photos of it and post it on your blog like nothing happened.

Blog lovin', reposting, inspiration or copying. No matter what you call it, this cake is heaven. You should try it too. XO Camilla

Follow this link, or this, or this for a slightly modified recipe. Instead of coffee I added a cup of coconut milk.