This cake was one of those that was more like a creative project rather than regular cake baking. Maybe I ran out of paper to doodle on? Anyway. I came up with the idea to make a zig zag pattern on a rolled cake. I never made a pattern on a cake before and I never made a rolled cake either. So this was a 50/50. You either win it or lose it. To begin with I followed a basic sponge recipe from the internet. So fare so good.

I scooped some of the batter into a piping bag and started piping my zigzag pattern on to a regular roasting tray with greased baking paper on it. After that I popped it in the oven for about 2 minutes. It probably should have been 1 minute.. Don't let it go as brown as I did...
After I pulled it out of the oven I took the rest of the batter (which I decided to put some blue food dye in to make it look minty) and pored it over the semi-baked sponge pattern. I baked the thin sponge for around 10 minutes, took it out and let it cool completely. 

When it was cold and spongy I carefully turned it upside, so the pattern was facing down. Then I whipped some cream and mixed fresh raspberries, fresh mint leaves and a little raw sugar into it. I then pored it onto the sponge and spread it out smooth. Then the fun bit: Roll! -And when I did so, my zig zag pattern showed up! Magic! It looked a bit more pathetic than what I had imagined though, but it still looked really cute! Have you made a cake roll before? And did it make you feel like a grandma too?