I have been living in limbo for the past 3 months. The big move overseas went pretty well considering we are both here now. We still haven't received all of our belongings, so all the cool projects I had planned to do while looking for work, have gone straight to the big pile of undone stuff. Wu-hu. BUT this is where creative OCD comes in handy. I have found a million things to do, like organizing all of my pictures, deleting stuff I don't need on my computer, BACKING UP my computer (whaaaaat!!?), and making lists of projects I want to do in the near future. The first note was: "Renovate dining table". Tick. Done. Finito. I have had this table sitting at my parents house since I moved to Australia in 2008, so it has been a pretty delayed progress. But now it is finally off the list. Joy! Next project will be to renovate the chairs that came along with this beautiful 1960s Danish design table. I will have to find some nice but durable milky blue wool fabric to recover the seats in, but other than that, it seems like a pretty nice follow up project.