Green Scene

Living with green buddies is really fun. So fun that I have keept adding more and more to my little home. And if you, just like me, can't seem to stop adopting, well, then you have to start thinking about how to utilize your space so you don't end up living in a untamed jungle. Although that would be kind of exciting and Jumanji like!..
I realized I had reached the point the night I turned around in bed -as you do when you sleep, and planted my hand directly on my bedside cactus (what moron even has a bedside cactus!?!). So from that night I decided to reclaim the land that once was mine and started to rethink the green situation I was in.

Big plants, like this Calathea is good for a stand-alone feature. It brings greenery to an otherwise bare area and lifts the home decor away from the surface and creates a calm eye level focal point. God you are a good looking plant Calathea Triostar...

One by one I started breaking up my homeware clusters by placing a plant as part of the group. It seemed to create some air and made the colours and shapes of the homeware pop. 

Also I stopped caring about the combination of colours and shapes of the pots. I had to mix them all up to create groups instead of having one plant sitting on every counter top of the house. Now I totally don't mind the mismatch as it reminds me of adorable English sandstone cottages -and gives me so much more free space!

Planting vertical was also an option as the walls were really bare compared to the rest of the space. I bought some super cheap brackets and cut some shelves from a pine board. The shelves now holds majority of the little planters which used to be scattered all over the place (and next the bed). And the green wall is a perfect feature to the livingroom! Plant hangers are also a great way to free surfaces and utilize blank spaces that otherwise couldn't be used. As for example in a wide door opening.