Shibori Indigo DIY


So... Whites and I have never really been mates. I'm always the one to spill tomato sauce and red wine on my self when I wear them. So instead of always having to deal with the pain I decided to take everything out of the cupboard and make an end to the misery. Why not go shibori instead of awful stains! 

For a long time now I have been wanting to make a line of indigo dyed bedding to bring an end to boring white sheets and colourless bedrooms. Because it's true. You dream better in colours.
I spend the weekend experimenting with different Japanese dying techniques and it was actually the most fun project I have done in a long time. Because believe it or not, no matter how you do it it will turn out quite amazing. The patterns become so unique and that deep blue is just so insanely incredible! 

The shibori indigo dyeing methods have lately been kicking it off on Australian and American interior and fashion blogs and I felt like the time had come try the magic out. And boy was it worth it! Even though I live in a small town in Denmark where indigo powder is no where to be found. If you are like me and can't wait for an Amazon delivery you can still make it happen! I used a mix of regular fabric dye, mixing two Dylon colours together in equal amounts: Navu blue and Jeans blue. While you might not get the exact same effect as using real indigo powder, you still get a quite similar result. And I guess it's better to test your methods out anyway and become a pro the cheap way.

I have the next 3 days off work and will try to test further. A full tutorial will follow so you can do your own shibori style fabrics with ease.
Untill then, let the indigo take over my hands and turn me into a smurf. I am half way there. So don't be shocked when you see me next time. I have already ordered a real indigo dye kit from Amazon, so things will get hectic I promise.