TRUSCO Toolbox


Every girl needs a toolbox. It does not matter if you have a boyfriend, a husband or a dad that can fix everything in this world. One day you will be left home alone with a dead phone and no car to go anywhere to seek the labour you need. It happens quite frequently around here with a husband working overseas most of the year.. But how did my (clever) husband make me deal easier with this? He bought me a super fancy toolbox! I had all the tools I need for everyday projects already, as I love to fix things and make little home reno's, but now I have a pretty great place to store them all. And it makes me feel pretty professional when I pull out a hammer and a nail from this sweet thing. Yes, you may now call me a semi-professional picture hanger. It feels great to have a special title. But no jokes. Get yourself a toolbox and some everyday tools and forget about waiting around to get your little dream project fixed.
I can recommend:
A multi screw driver with changeable screw heads.
A normal size hammer.
A staple gun that takes different shapes of staples.
A hot glue gun.
A set of allan keys and a set of spanners (your bike will need a tighten up one day, so will your IKEA furniture).
A pair of pliers (to remove nails when you couldn't be bothered using a level).
A tube of putty (for when realizing you make a lot of mistakes not using a level).

If you want to get fancy, I also find it so helpful to own a drill. I use a small-job drill, a Bosch psr 14,4, which is powerful enough to put up shelves with. It's a keeper. No lie.
And to end the list off (and fulfill your life), I recommend getting a Trusco toolbox to store it all in.
-it's handy, pretty and will last you forever.

With this list on hand you are ready to file for divorce. 
Just joking. You will still need someone to cook you dinner.