New Year / New Colours / New Resolution

2016, you foxy new year you. I can't say I have looked forward to see you as it means I will now have to leave my 20s behind. And thinking about that makes me think about life and serious stuff and that just makes me stressed out. So instead of making a stupid resolution list of things I will never accomplish in one year anyway, I have decided to only focus on one very important thing: Becoming a master of meringue. Because I realized, when I think back on the past year, that meringue had me mentally befaffled and completely broken between 12-15 times (an estimate as my brain has partly / fully deleted the worst of the meringue episodes. Thank you brain.). But that is MANY times to feel beaten by sugar and egg whites. 2016 may be the year of the monkey for most, but for me it is the year of the meringue. Control it, eat it, repeat it. 

What will you take control of?