Blondegardiner NU!


Jeg bor i en stuelejlighed med kæmpe store vinduer og dejligt lys. Og som bonus, også med forbipasserende, der nærmest kan kigge ned i min vasketøjskurv. Hvis de gør sig umage!
Lejligheden kom med persienner, men de er bare ikke særlig fikse, når man nu bare gerne vil beholde det naturlige lys.  Så jeg tænkte, at der kun var én løsning på mit problem: Bring blondegardinerne tilbage!


Efter en tur i STOF2000 og et smut forbi XL byg, tog Projekt Blondegardin ikke mere end 1.5 time (og dette var UDEN symaskine, for så fancy følte jeg mig ikke idag).
Du skal bruge bruge:
Rundstav 25mm
Lyst blondestof (Jeg købte 100% bomuld for tænker at dip dye enderne blå!!)
2 x mellemkonsol til gardinstænger, deluxe white.
Kobberfittings (28mm var det der kom tættest på)


Skær rundstaven til din ønskede længde. Jeg målte mit vindue til at være 1600mm og så en ekstra 150mm på hver side, så gardinstangen kan sidde pænt udenfor vinduesåbningen.
Mål op med mellemkonsollerne hvor hullerne skal bores og brug et bor der er egnet til din væg. Bank ravplugs i hullerne og skru mellemkonsollerne fast.


Jeg købte blondestoffet med ekstra længde, så jeg havde nok til gardinstropper. Stropperne måler 10cm, foldede. Og så kommer vi til det, der havde været meget hurtigere med en symaskine: Sy stropperne på gardinet. Placer dem med nogenlunde ens mellemrum, så gardinet falder pænt.
Når det er gjort, er de lige til at hænge på gardinstangen. Jeg sluttede rundstavens ender af med kobberfittings, just because!


Så hvis du står og bare MÅ have blondegardinet tilbage i dit liv og også har et par timer til overs, så er det 100% dette projekt du skal give dig i kast med!
Jeg er vild med at jeg kan lukke af for forbigående og samtidig bevare det flotte lys i min lejlighed. Hvad synes du?


Go' gardin-dag herfra! /Camilla


I have been living in limbo for the past 3 months. The big move overseas went pretty well considering we are both here now. We still haven't received all of our belongings, so all the cool projects I had planned to do while looking for work, have gone straight to the big pile of undone stuff. Wu-hu. BUT this is where creative OCD comes in handy. I have found a million things to do, like organizing all of my pictures, deleting stuff I don't need on my computer, BACKING UP my computer (whaaaaat!!?), and making lists of projects I want to do in the near future. The first note was: "Renovate dining table". Tick. Done. Finito. I have had this table sitting at my parents house since I moved to Australia in 2008, so it has been a pretty delayed progress. But now it is finally off the list. Joy! Next project will be to renovate the chairs that came along with this beautiful 1960s Danish design table. I will have to find some nice but durable milky blue wool fabric to recover the seats in, but other than that, it seems like a pretty nice follow up project.


This little bowl is made by me. But it is nothing fancy. It just looks like that because it has gold in it. It is actually just made out of sculpy which I baked in the oven and then (again) went overboard gold leafing.. Sigh. I then made it look pretty with photo editing. Because I want to do more stuff like this. Styling homes and homewares. So I guess I am just practicing and sharing it with you.. But if these pictures have made you feel like making a golden bowl (which is totally what I was hoping for!) then I can tell you that sculpy is a really easy material to work with. It is kind of like clay but you don't have to make it wet to get a smooth finish or bake it in fire. You just have to warm it up in your hands and bake it in the oven. But it has to have a rather thin surface. Otherwise it doesn't go hard.

For this bowl I used 2 shapes: A circle (4mm thick) and an edge (2cm wide, 4mm thick). I just rolled it out on baking paper with my rolling pin and made sure the edge was long enough to fit around the circle. You only need to press slightly to make the shapes stick together. I used a ruler to press it together so you get a nicer edge finish. And then you bake it on 110c for about 10 min. If you also feel like gold leafing its' inside (silly question) then you need to let it cool completely. Brush on a thin layer of tannin sealer and let it dry to tack. Then you press the gold leaf onto the surface and use a brush to press it into place. You can add as much as you want. The shinier the better! When you have had enough (never) spray a layer of all purpose gloss sealer. And there you go. One extremely good looking bowl ready to use wherever your home needs a little more sparkle.


I have a big love for colours and shapes. And when shapes and colours turn into patterns my mind just go crazy! I have been making these for years, but recently created new colour ways that I know will be perfect for our new home in Copenhagen. I am thinking to have them hanging in series of 3. Maybe even more like 3X3 for a feature wall. What do you think? What are your favorite colour combinations this season? Mine are milky blues, brass, pineapple yellow and grey.