A Holiday to Cotton Hills

Photography project I created base around my latest series of paper collages. A photo series capturing the ultimate vacation pictures from a trip to Cotton Hill National Park. A trip full of bird watching, mountain climbing and an essential holiday vom from having TOO MUCH FUN!

All designs and props by yours truly!

Banana Bisnis / Product Update

Bananas are back in bisnis. And since I'm a failed Tech Wiz Academy student who can't figure out how to switch on a online shop, I have updated my Artrebels shop with all new products, shipping everywhere in this wonderful world.
Follow this link http://artrebels.com/shop/stores/leifohleif and you be like SOMEONE HAND ME MY CREDIT CARD NOOOOOOW!

New Paper Cuts


When I should be busy updating my port folio and do my laundry basket all the way to the bottom and not just the top layer, I go ahead a do this. More paper collages! 
But on the bright side, these are waaaaay prettier than any house chores I could have done today. So I would say this day has been completed to a B+. I nearly typed A+ but then I remembered I still didn't really do the laundry..