A few of my favorite things

Just some little pictures of my favorite spots at home. Of course all favorite spots are full of flea market finds, plants and retro golden details because I might have a crush on these specific guys. Actually. Im practically just waiting for one of them to drop on their knee and ask me to marry them. I would totally say yes, but maybe (secretly) have a hard time committing 100%. But that's ok. You are allowed to share the love. Like come on... How could one possible choose between this golden bar cart and that 70s watercolour painting? And not to mention those retro North Queensland bamboo trays?! That would just be inhumane! 


What's your favorite spot at home and is it full or that thing you have a crush one?


The past couple of years I have slowly but surely developed an epic love for stoneware! Where it came from, I have no clue. But it think it has to do with my rather manic obsession with op-shopping and constantly seeing what the older generations used to decorate their homes with. And now my eyes can't be more pleased to see that my favorite interior stylists and homeware brands all share the same rock solid passion! Marble and stoneware. A couple of living legends from the 1980s! These two AMAZING pieces, round marble plate and beautifully glazed vase, were both picked up from the local Salvos for $2 each. Mixed with my Paper Patchwork piece and styled with some fresh off the tree plums this look was my absolute favorite this European Summer. Plums are now out of season but marble and stoneware have never been more ripe!


So. Biggest thing ever. Morgan and are are packing up our life in Melbourne and moving to Copenhagen! We are so excited! But we are also super sad to let go of our super fantastic pad. It has been a much loved home for over two years. And I am sure it will take us a looooooong time to find anything like it again. But leaving it has made me think of what furniture/stuff we would like to bring with us. This chair for example, I will never ever leave behind. Because I love it so, so much.