A Holiday to Cotton Hills

Photography project I created base around my latest series of paper collages. A photo series capturing the ultimate vacation pictures from a trip to Cotton Hill National Park. A trip full of bird watching, mountain climbing and an essential holiday vom from having TOO MUCH FUN!

All designs and props by yours truly!


Maybe it is the energy I put out? The last two times I have been on hard rubbish hunt I have found AMAZING cane chairs. Last season I was lucky to find this on which I gave a bit of a renovation. The one I found yesterday was in really good condition and I only had to fix a couple of things. I thought about painting it, but I love the calm and subtle colour of untreated cane. This one is also quite a piece in its self, so it might just have made it a bit too out there for my taste. Are you loving cane too? xo Camilla