A Holiday to Cotton Hills

Photography project I created base around my latest series of paper collages. A photo series capturing the ultimate vacation pictures from a trip to Cotton Hill National Park. A trip full of bird watching, mountain climbing and an essential holiday vom from having TOO MUCH FUN!

All designs and props by yours truly!


This window was so much fun to make! There was lots of planning and prop building involved. The in-house artist Melissa (theweightofheavyhearts) painted the background mural.I made the little orange tent out of dowel and fabric. It reminded me of building hiding places when I was a kid. The 3D paper camp fire is handmade too. You will only need 3 different colours of paper. I just quickly draw the template up (it is not very neat but you get the picture). You need 2X big flames (yellow), 4X medium flames (orange) and 4X small flames (red). Glue the red onto the orange and the orange onto the yellow. Cut into the top of one of the big flames and cut into the bottom of the other. Then slide the two pieces together and voila!  A "3D" camp fire!


Rust is such a natural effect and gets more and more beautiful for every day (except when it's on your car). But nature takes a loooong time to get there. I had to develop rusty props in less than a week for Deus Ex Machina. So I had to cut the middle man out (sorry nature) and go to the local hard ware shop to get myself so rust effect paint. There are many ways to create a "rusty" look but this one has been the most effective with the best result. I used Dulux Effect Paints. It is a combination paint persisting of two different coats. The first one is a clear paint with metal particles in it. The second one is an acid based rust solution that literally makes the iron particles in the paint rust. Simple as that. I made tons of these "gears" out of cardboard and made them rusty in only 3 days. How great would it be to use this effect on an Barn themed window with a rusty metal shed and an old windmill. Have you used rust effect paint in a project before? I would love to see what you did.


Early last year I had the pleasure to create a feature wall for the lovely Swedish guys at Somewhere. Their store in Melbourne is located in the beautiful Royal Arcade and it is just such a pleasant experience to visit the space. They have great taste in fashion and their shop interior has been specially made to match the old building. I made a tribute wall to their home country.