That feeling when you get invited to exhibit in a show with your biggest artist idols. I mean: LOOK AT THAT LINE-UP (!!!!).
If you find yourself in Melbourne, AUS, on September 23., make sure to pop by the RVCA Corner Gallery in Collingwood and take a picture for me :D

A Holiday to Cotton Hills

Photography project I created base around my latest series of paper collages. A photo series capturing the ultimate vacation pictures from a trip to Cotton Hill National Park. A trip full of bird watching, mountain climbing and an essential holiday vom from having TOO MUCH FUN!

All designs and props by yours truly!

New Work

A new series of paper collages in the making. I am in love with the combination of the colours and shapes in these one.  "Come spot the 8-eyed wildlife, swim in beautifu,l toxic rivers and see the three Suns set behind the colorful Radioactive Hills. The perfect modern family holiday. Lets you enjoy the filth of the city outside the city. Radioactive Park. When Nature and Human become one." I can just imaging the travel add! And I would fall for it and travel to there straight away!